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Message From the Principal

The Importance of Play

Children are born to play. Early childhood researchers and educators agree that play is key to
early childhood development. Play is open ended, joyful, self-directed and focused on process, not
end results. This is true play. Through play, children use what they already know to help master new skills and solve problems. They develop confidence and a sense of “I can do it!” When children are involved in play, they learn essential life skills including sharing, cooperating and problem solving. Through play, children acquire literacy, numeracy, motor skills and creative thinking skills. Participating in rich pretend play can encourage language development and greater engagement, which is a predictor of better learning outcomes. This is especially important for children with delays in their development. Make believe play is linked to the development of self-regulation skills. Children who are better able to manage their emotions, ideas and behaviors are more likely to experience future academic success and will manage stress more successfully as an adult. Play creates happiness and balance in life; it provides children a chance to practice adult roles and take risks. For young children, play is essential for their optimal development and learning. It is as essential as their need to eat, sleep and breathe. It is learning at its best - authentic, natural and genuinely rewarding. What could be better?
Stuart Brown & Christopher Vaughan, 2009. Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul David Elkind, 2007. The Power of Play: Learning What Comes Naturally

PLEASE feel free to contact me if you have concerns or questions about your child’s program. I can be reached by telephone at 780-352-0224, ext.222, by email at or stop by my office when you are in the building.
We are looking forward to a wonderful, exciting, positive year of learning!!
Lynn Hestbak

Allergy Notice
This year at our school we have people in the building allergic to peanuts. Please avoid bringing any food items that may contain peanuts. Thank you for your

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